Hi peeps.

Sydney, Australia. I was there for about 8 days and for sure it was not a longer time for me.
Being a professional Malaysian student who went to South Sydney High School to know how the learning and teaching process there in order to get improvement in English Language.
Yeah!It was the purpose why I've been there in a very short time.
Went to Sydney to enhance my English Language because I'm not too good in English Language act.
Grateful!Syukur, Alhamdulillah.I've been chosen to join in this programme like this.


Anyway, there was an interview made by the teachers to choose who will join in this programme.
And there was a form need to be filled before an interview.
Nahhh..these were the steps before I was in Sydney.
Till then, I didn't believe that I've been selected and I was one of ten participants who joined in this programme.
And yet I don't know why I was being like  a very confident person by that time.
(berani la konon-konon, speaking pun bajet fluent la kan.hehe.)
I dared myself to be a confident person during an interview.(facing 3 teachers, siapa yang tak cuak)
Watlek je der!
Again and again I asked myself,..'Arra nak pergi Sydney tak?'
Then, I answered it..'Mestila nak.Siapa yang taknak pergi.Overseas tu!.'
Arra talked to herself.'GO FOR IT!'hahaha.
Do make parents proud of you.teehee.

MATLAMAT itu sangat penting.
If we want something, it will come, if we effort to achieve it.

I'll leave you all with some of the pictures.Do enjoy!


  1. hye, arra here..nice meeting you.btw.thank you <3

  2. arra, jelez bangat sih... cantik2 <3 suka tengok n bace.. >_< ;) -ATEN-

  3.'ll be there after spm kan you told me, stay ngan mak sedare.wooo, taw aten further study kt sne nak jgk.

  4. Wow you are so lucky! I'll follow your blog Arra :)

  5. aku pun pernah prgi sana.ermmm