Sedihnya :'(

Mak and Ayah just got back from visiting Wani (our relative) last night and sure it is so sad to hear that. Still in ICU and remained unconscious. Her brain doesn't work as well as her right eye which is now doesn't function at all. Just because of the blood clot on right side of brain. Can't imagine! Mak just told me that her body attempts to fight against disease but...Ahh, I'm so sorry to hear her critical condition with so many wires on her body and what makes me wanna cry is her 'family' in that they're strong to face all the tests from Allah. In syaa Allah, may Allah bless you! Well, we're noticed that Allah created us to test us. Just pray and pray. Just.

I hope your kindness to pray for her healthy recovery and hope she'll get better soon.

Assalamualaikum for those who read this.

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  1. wassalam, wani sedara kau dah ok blom?